Has your home or business flooded?

Do you have Flood Insurance?

flood claimsIf the answer to these questions are yes, you might still be owed additional money. Our firm specializes in reviewing flood loss claims and identifying the errors that could have cost you thousands. Our team of flood experts have reviewed thousands of flood claims and we have a proven track record of fighting and winning additional compensation for our clients. The National Flood Insurance Program is a great way to protect your home in the event of a flood. However the past 10 years have revealed many inaccurate estimates resulting in under-payments to flood victims that have relied on the National Flood Insurance Program to compensate them for their flood losses.

Our team stands ready to assist you by reviewing your flood damage and comparing it to the estimate that you were provided after the flood and help you fight to get the money that you are owed. Our reviews have found that many of the estimate written by the insurance carriers on recent flooding did not include many damaged items that are covered by your policy. We have also found incorrect pricing used that results in lower flood loss payments. We’ve discovered that some adjusters missed rooms completely that were damaged by the floods. We’ve seen detached garages that were neglected, and incorrect building materials identified. You deserve better!


If you feel that you have been treated unfairly or you simply don’t know. Contact us now! Time is running out!

Don’t be a victim for a second time.

We understand that when your home floods it is catastrophic to say the least. Being a victim of a flood event is devastating with the loss of irreplaceable items such as photos and heirlooms. This is the most devastating event that some ever experience. Being victimized by your insurance company makes matters much worse. You’ve paid insurance premiums to prepare for such a time as this and we are here to help you recover what is rightfully yours from your flood insurance.

Commercial flood claims were also under-paid in many claims. Do you have a flood policy on your business? Did you recover enough to rebuild after the flood? Contact us now to schedule a consultation.

Condominium claims (RCBPAP) are difficult and often receive lower payments as a result of the adjusters not fully understanding how to adjust them. Our team of experts are ready to evaluate your claim to help determine if your compensation was correct.

There is never a fee unless we help you recover

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